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SNG’s first corporate plan confirms ambitious investment in homes, customer service, and communities 

SNG (Sovereign Network Group), one of England’s largest housing associations, today published its first corporate plan, covering the period to 2026. The newly formed association, which provides 84,000 homes across the south of England, including London, has confirmed its ambition to build 25,000 more over the next ten years, with at least half being for social or affordable rent. 

Alongside the development of new homes, SNG will invest in its existing customers’ homes by applying its Homes and Place Standard to all its homes. The Homes and Place Standard sets out an ambition for all SNG customers’ homes to be easier to maintain, cheaper to run and located in great places, alongside meeting its net-zero goals. This in turn drives the association’s long-term £8.6bn programme to make sure all its homes meet the standard, investing in existing and new homes. 

SNG’s vision of “thriving communities, over generations” is set out in the plan, which lays the groundwork for long-term investment in environmentally and socially sustainable delivery. The association has also published its new purpose, “providing good, affordable homes: the foundation for a better life”, to guide its work and strategic decision making.  

While investing strongly in the future, SNG is also planning to maintain strong investment in its customer service and use improved collaboration with customers as well as data insights to raise its customer experience.  

To deliver more for its customers’ communities, SNG will launch a new Community Foundation to invest £100m over the next ten years to build on the strengths in those communities, so customers can enhance their own lives. This foundation will work with private, public and charity organisations to support strong and adaptable communities over generations. 

Mark Washer, Group Chief Executive of SNG, commented on the newly published plan saying: “The creation of SNG has always been about investing more and doing more to provide the good, affordable homes that we know are the foundation for a better life for our current and future customers. This plan is a first step for our new organisation that shows the scale of our ambition.  

“We have no illusions about the challenges facing us and the sector, or those facing the people that need our homes. But if we don’t think long-term and make the right, sustainable, investment now in our places, our people, and our customers, we won’t see the thriving communities that lead to real increases in well-being, economic growth, and a stronger society.”