SNG customer Gule Hanid with volunteer from The Felix Project in front of food van.

SNG supports free winter food market on a Northolt estate

SNG supported a resident led winter market offering free surplus food at Rectory Park, Northolt. We teamed up with charity The Felix Project to supply the food to residents at the estate’s community centre on 23 December.

The market was run by resident volunteers from the estate who were supported by SNG colleagues. The food on offer included fresh, nutritious meals and produce which The Felix Project collected from various restaurants which can’t be otherwise sold.

Gule Hanid, an SNG customer and one of the organisers, said: “Due to the increased cost of living, I too have had to be very careful with my weekly grocery budget this year and I have to watch my pennies as they say. With that in mind thinking about all the other residents on Rectory Park facing a similar situation, I offered to take part in this event. It was very rewarding. This has cultivated my sense of interconnectedness with the residents and SNG and recognised the inherent dignity and worth of every individual.

“This act of selflessness and generosity from SNG in organising this event at such short notice has led to a greater sense of fulfilment and purpose from their part towards the residents and I am proud with the help of the volunteers to deliver this act of kindness.”

Some of the funding to support the winter food market came from SNG’s Charitable Fund which provides support for customers experiencing financial difficulties as well as funding key local community initiatives.

Maria Moriarty, Head of Resident Engagement and Corporate Experience (London and Herts) at SNG, commented: “It was fantastic to be able to empower customers to deliver this winter food market and support their community. A big thank you to all the volunteers on the day and to the Felix Project for supplying the food that would otherwise have been thrown away.”

Damien Conrad, Community Partnerships Manager at The Felix Project, said: “Our Christmas partnership with Sovereign Network Group shows how collaboration and a little planning has found good homes for food that would have otherwise been wasted, and in so doing has brought full stomachs and broad smiles to so many people. Thank you to everyone involved.”