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SNG joins launch of campaign that demonstrates the £7bn annual value of London’s social homes

London is built on a vibrant mix of people from all walks of life, yet the capital is struggling to provide enough good, affordable homes for people to have as the foundation of their lives. SNG is working to deliver the homes that people need, but many of the keys to unlock those homes sit with the Government.

The G15 is a group of housing associations that is campaigning to unlock homes in London. We're supporting its Room to Grow campaign that will shine a light on the real social and economic value created by London’s affordable homes, and the not-for-profit housing associations that provide them.

Housing associations currently provide 289,000 social rent homes in the capital, each of these homes contributes an average of £23,777 in value annually, totalling almost £6.9 billion every year. Providing homes for the 323,800 households on London’s social housing waiting list, would inject an additional £7.7 billion a year into London and the UK’s economy. The research also reveals London’s top ten boroughs for social and economic value. And it’s not the areas you might think.

Map of London Boroughs by social housing value: 
Tower Hamlets - 599.9 million
Brent - 297.9 million
Islington - 288.3 million
Greenwich - 237.9 million
Bexley - 229.1 million
Bromley - 316.5 million
Lewisham - 433.1 million
Southwark - 290. 4 million
Lambeth - 436.8 million
Hackney - 411.2 million

For more details on the Room to Grow campaign and how housing associations can work in partnership with the Government to address the housing crisis, visit the campaign homepage.